Banafsheh Hemmati

Born in Tehran in 1974, Banafsheh Hemmati is a master’s graduate of industrial design.  Her passion for philosophy has later led to her obtaining a PhD in philosophy of art. In her doctoral thesis, she has been concerned with the philosophical foundations of the relation between art and geometry. For more than twenty years, Hemmati has been professionally active as a designer, exemplary in founding Banafsheh Design Studio in Tehran. Her extensive pursuits in the field of design involve designing furniture, landscape, light, accessories, and jewelry. The relief of Gilan University’s Amphitheater illustrates her work as a sculptor. The last group exhibition of her sculptural work was held in Dubai sculpture park (DIFC)  «Tales Under the Gate». Motifs of Islamic architecture play a major role in her sculptural and jewelry work. Hemmati employs the diverse geometric patterns of Islamic architecture in her creations and, sometimes, by disrupting their rigid order, extends the visual and formal capacities of her works. Her approach can be best described as appropriating Islamic geometry. Hemmati has shown her works in numerous exhibitions in Iran, the United States, Italy, Malaysia and UAE. Besides professional work in the field of design, she is engaged in teaching at the university. She has also attended various festivals as a  judge. Banafsheh Hemmati is a continuous member of Klimt Contemporary Jewelry Association in Barcelona, and in 2023, the prestigious American magazine AJF introduced her works and views in the field of design in a Photo Essay.