Mohsen Rafei
Born: Iran,1982

M.A in Philosophy of Art, Tehran University of Art.
B.A in Sculpture, Tehran University of Art.

Individual Exhibitions
1. “Sketch up reality”, Mirak Art Gallery, 2003
2. “Me and Portrait”, Bouali Art Gallery, 2008
3. “Dream House”, Tehran University of Art, 2014
4. “Ditch”, Tehran University of Art, 2015
5. “Transformation”, Tehran University of Art, 2019
Group Exhibitions
1. “Design 1”, Imam Reza Gallery, 2005
2. “Design 2”, Imam Reza Gallery, 2007
3. “Anak”, Aria Gallery, 2013
4. “Free Fall”, Biennial Urban, Palace Museum Garden, 2014
5. “Doem”, the 7th Tehran National Sculpture Biennial Tehran, Museum of Contemporary Art,
6. “Building No.4” National Garden, Tehran, 2018
7. “Pass in Pass”, In/Ja Gallery, 2019
8. “Winter”, National Garden, Tehran, 2019
9. “Nour Khan”, Mohsen Gallery, 2020
10. “Chandelier”, the 8th Tehran National Sculpture Biennial Tehran, Vahdat Hall, 2020
11. “Chandelier2”, Rishee 29 Gallery, 2022
12. “Tortuer Room”, Farshfilm Gallery, 2022
My artworks are site-specific and interactive that involve different senses of the audience in understanding that and they are created in various forms such as Sculpture and Installation Art. In these artworks, the audience gets to know the phobias and functions of his body, so to understand that, the audience must be in the vicinity and interact with the artwork and experience it with all human senses.
In my arrangements, I try to invite the audience to the atmosphere and create an individual or collaborative experience for the audience. The interactive process of the audience in facing these artworks is part of the completion of the formation process of these works. In addition, my works based on the location and identity of the atmosphere of the place.
These artworks are in conversation with the surrounding space and are organized in such a way that they include the audience and create a situation in itself that, along with general concepts, based on the type of experience each person has of life and physical mechanism human’s body organizes a unique experience for the audience. Finally, the artwork becomes a point of connection between the place and the audience.